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2016 Season key dates for the Season

ALL PRACTICES AT Ladue High School 

Practice this week 5:15- 6:45 PM


———–10/29 vs Northwest———–

Ladue 5th Grade Center

5/6th Grade 9:00 AM Kickoff arrive at 8:00 AM

7th Grade 10:30 PM Kickoff arrive at 9:30 PM

8th Grade NOON Kickoff arrive 11:00 AM

11/5 @ Park-Rock Opponents

We match up vs the Park Rock team that finished the same place as our teams


Events, Programs, Notifications and Information Flow

We try to notify parents as soon as changes happen however if you see the weather is getting bad head to the practice field to grab your son. We practice in rain but not lightening.

For the majority of our communications we use One Call Now which is a notification system that voice messages/texts and emails. This is our primary mode of communication. To receive texts rather than voice messages text the word ALERT to 22300

We use our website (www.laduejrrams.com) as our information for everything including the calendar which we attempt to keep up to date.


At the end of each season we have an appreciation banquet. This year it will be Sunday November 13th. All undefeated teams receive a tee shirt. All conference champs receive a trophy. We charge a fee to all non-playing/coaching attendees that covers the cost of the event. The fee is between $15-$20 per attendee.

Our other social media communications are:

Twitter = @laduejrrams

Instagram = ladue_jr_rams_football

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/LadueJrRams/

Snap Chat = laduejrrams

Phone = 636-717-3331

FAX = 636-717-3399

Thank you all for your support and we will be back in contact soon!

2015 Results

                6th Grade                             7th Grade                                       8th Grade

             8-1                                           9-0                                                       9-0

              Regular Season                CONFERENCE                  CONFERENCE

                CHAMPS!                              CHAMPS!                                CHAMPS!

———————-2014 Results———————-

                 6th Grade                             7th Grade                                       8th Grade

           9-0                                            9-0                                                       9-0

              CHAMPS!                              CHAMPS!                                      CHAMPS!

———————-2013 Results———————–

              6th Grade                             7th Grade                                       8th Grade

             6-3                                        7-2                                                  3-6

              Third Place                          Third Place                                   Fifth Place


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