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2017 Key Information for the Season

Costs: $300.00/prepayment. Covers season and fund raising buyout. Needs to be purchased by May 29th (Memorial Day). Will be available online SOON! $75 refundable check for equipment deposit. $100 Buyout for Fund raising (or participate is selling cards must sell 15 minimum)

Pre-Season Starts July 10th

Seaason Begins July 30th

Last Game November 3rd 

2017 Season Key Dates for the Season

——–LJRFC Training Dates——-

July 10-13th 6-8PM location TBD

July 17-20th 6-8PM location TBD

July 24-27th 6-8PM location TBD

——–LJRFC Equipment Handout——-

Saturday July 29th Location TBD

——–LJRFC First Week of Practice——-

Monday – Thursday

July 30th-Aug 2

6-8PM Location TBD

——–LJRFC Second Week of Practice——-

Monday – Thursday

Aug 6th – 9th

6-8PM Location TBD

——-Elite Football Academy Training——

Quit sitting around and start next football season today. Ladue Jr Rams have been offered an outstanding discount for group training sessions. EFA has provided the following pricing for our athletes.

  • EFA offering JR Rams 1 complimentary session


  • Single Sessions $35.00 each
  • 4-pack $96.00 ($44 savings $24/session)
  • 8-pack $157 ($123 savings $20/session)
  • 12-pack $187 ($233 savings/ $16/session)


  • Wednesday
  • 6:40 PM- 8:00 PM
  • Sundays
  • 2:00 PM-3:20 PM

LOCATION – 17363 Edison Avenue Chesterfield. MO

ORDERING – Call 636-346-1371 tell them you are from Ladue Jr Rams and let them know this is the Coach Lillibridge Discount

——–Spring Flag Football——-

To Register go to:  http://www.stlflagfootball.com/eliteflag-outdoor.html

Program Features 
-7 Game Season (Played on Turf Fields)
-Skills Clinic – Sat March 18th 2pm-3:30pm
-1 Small Group Skills Training Session* at EFA’s Facility
-1 Performance Training Class At Elite Performance
-Elite Football Performance Shirt

——–3/24 Flag Football Practice——-

Current 5th, 6th and 7th Graders

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM 

Ladue High School Football Field


Events, Programs, Notifications and Information Flow

We try to notify parents as soon as changes happen however if you see the weather is getting bad head to the practice field to grab your son. We practice in rain but not lightening.

For the majority of our communications we use One Call Now which is a notification system that voice messages/texts and emails. This is our primary mode of communication. To receive texts rather than voice messages text the word ALERT to 22300

We use our website (www.laduejrrams.com) as our information for everything including the calendar which we attempt to keep up to date.


At the end of each season we have an appreciation banquet. This year it will be Sunday November 20th. All undefeated teams receive a tee shirt. All conference champs receive a trophy. We charge a fee to all non-playing/coaching attendees that covers the cost of the event. The fee is between $15-$20 per attendee.

Our other social media communications are:

Twitter = @laduejrrams

Instagram = ladue_jr_rams_football

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/LadueJrRams/

Snap Chat = laduejrrams

Phone = 636-717-3331

FAX = 636-717-3399

Thank you all for your support and we will be back in contact soon!

2016 Results

6th      7th      8th

 7-2        8-1      9-0

 2nd       FIRST    FIRST

2015 Results

6th      7th      8th

 8-1        9-0      9-0


2014 Results

6th      7th      8th

  9-0        9-0      9-0


2013 Results

6th      7th      8th

  6-3       7-2      3-6

Third    Third    Fifth


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